National Commercial Data Services Limited (NCDS) Partners with Highgate!

A little about NCDS

NCDS was incorporated in 1996 and began operations in November 1998. The company was established to offer Information Technology (IT) services to alleviate business entities from the increasingly complex technology considerations relevant to their business objective. In 2004 they began operations from their modern data center facility in The Valley, Anguilla.

Their Vision is to become a leading internationally competitive provider of information and Communications Technology (ICT) services in the Caribbean. They have started to build an impressive portfolio which includes application & database hosting, consulting, disaster recovery services and other IT services for their clients throughout the Caribbean region.


This module is of interest to organisations in countries where Creditinfo operates a credit bureau for the benefit of the local financial services community.

This new credit bureau interface permits Highgate clients to deliver information to Creditinfo on a regular basis without a need for manual intervention.

It has been designed to automate the extraction of credit information from a Highgate core system and supply it to Creditinfo in a seamless format that will automatically populate the credit bureau with up to date information. Where financial institutions have access to Creditinfo services, it provides an effective and low-cost way to provide information to the credit bureau.

No manual intervention is required to enable this extraction and transfer of data; once set up it will run automatically as scheduled.

There are two levels of data extraction:

1) A daily transfer of information which will communicate any changes to existing credit arrangements (new loans, loans paid off, etc.).

2) A monthly transfer of information which provides a Loan Status report to Creditinfo on the standing of existing credits, including arrears. What are the benefits of this new interface?

A significant reduction in the amount of work required to generate information for Creditinfo
Confidence that the data supplied to Creditinfo from the Highgate banking system is correct and up to date.
Straightforward implementation. The interface can be ‘up and running’ in a very short time.

Please contact Highgate for further information. The new Creditinfo interface is available now.

Bevertec CST Inc. Partners with Highgate!

A little about Bevertec

Highgate Systems and Bevertec CST Inc. came together as sister companies in 2012.

They had worked together for many years on various projects, and between them had dozens of satisfied clients around the world. It just made sense that they should work more closely together. Bevertec was well-known for its expertise in financial transaction processing along with an ability to ‘get things done’ when a customer needed something special.

Today, Bevertec delivers ATM management, transaction switching and debit/credit issuing capabilities to financial institutions everywhere. From locations in Canada and Peru Bevertec is able to respond quickly to customers’ needs regardless of their location. Together, Highgate and Bevertec have it all. From the core retail banking system to delivery of information to customers using every service delivery channel including: mobile, ATM, POS, and Internet, Highgate and Bevertec are able to meet their customers’ end to end banking requirements easily, on time and on budget.