Client Success Stories

Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union

"In today’s fast paced society, time is short and time spent waiting is unacceptable. The modern financial institution should make its services available to its customers regardless of the time or location. Financial transactions must occur in real-time (same-time) and not the next day. This institution should continuously find innovative ways to serve you better.

At the JPCCU we have done just that through a combination of technologies and initiatives. For some years now the credit union has facilitated balance enquires and transfers via our internet banking platform, one of the first in the movement to do so. In 2013 we made two major improvements to our IT platform with the help of Highgate Systems: The first improvement was that ATM transaction now occurred in real-time which meant transfers to your debit card were executed immediately and not the next day. Imagine transferring funds to your debit card while in the line at the supermarket, this is now a reality.

The second major change was that you can now transfer funds to other JPCCU member accounts. For example if a family member needed some money urgently you could now transfer the needed funds to their account, provided that they were a member of the JPCCU (and they should be). They could then withdraw that money from the nearest ATM. This is far more efficient than a wire transfer and much cheaper at the low low price of $0.

In November JPCCU became the first in the movement to offer free bill payment, integrated right into your internet banking screen on your laptops and on your mobile devices via our mobile banking application, powered by Highgate. Now you can pay bills for up to 42 companies at one convenient location.

The JPCCU has had a long history of embracing modern technology to better serve our members, so much so that the words ‘Technologically Driven’ appears in our mission statement. We remain committed to that goal driven by the desire to be the premier financial institution of choice for our members and believe that this can be achieved with Highgate."

St. Thomas Co-operative Credit Union Limited, Jamaica

"We were looking for a partner with experience that could help us build and grow our member relationships. The migration to the new system was very straightforward and Highgate Systems delivered on time and on budget. The entire project happened exactly as we planned."

Sagicor, St Lucia

"Since the adoption of the system’s software we have become more efficient in our service delivery.  This has resulted in improved customer satisfaction; a high staff morale; greater productivity; and, overall cost reduction. There was also a smooth transition from our then manual system to the new automated system. Staff agrees that the software is user friendly and the interaction between Highgate’s staff and our company is extremely pleasant and supportive.  The most notable success is in the area of the deposits and lending platform which is paramount in our line of business. Interest is calculated accurately and reports are timely produced, which serves to enhance the customer’s confidence in our finance company.  The updated systems software that we were introduced to recently seem exciting, since it is adaptable to the size of one’s operations, suggesting a greater utilization of the systems capabilities.  Additionally, greater functionality can be added without consideration of replacing the system since it is modular. Enhancing the products/system is further cost savings which is considered paramount in a competitive and rapidly changing industry."

Capita Financial Services Inc.

"We were in desperate need of a system to comprehensively manage our operations and we were recommended to Highgate Systems... after their presentation on how the system could transform our operations and the interaction with their team, it was a no brainer. After twelve years (12) years we have absolutely no regrets and would recommend Highgate Systems and its wonderful team to anyone.

The team at Highgate is one of the most professional, enthusiastic, responsive and customer focused teams we have ever dealt with. Excellent team and comprehensive Banking software solution!"